Worried about distance learning? You have options!

If you are like most parents, you have serious concerns with sending your child back to school exposed to higher risks of contracting COVID-19. We understand, and want you to know you have options.

ILA boasts an amazing staff of Certified Educators ready to give your child a homeschooling experience they deserve, giving you the ability to relax and take off your “teacher” hat. Whether your child is enrolled in a public school, or is currently home-schooled, we have solutions to close any academic gaps, to improve your child’s overall academic achievement scores and to increase college and career readiness by providing dynamic, engaging tutoring support that your child is sure to love.

Need in-person tutoring? Not a problem! You can drop your child off to meet one-on-one with an instructor in a safe and sanitized environment.

To learn more, contact us for a free virtual-consultation and individualized learning plan created with your child in mind.