Innovation Learning Academy provides a safe, sanitary, boutique style educational setting in which students and faculty know each other personally.  ILA uses a “blended learning” model of online curriculum, small group class instruction and one-to-one instruction.

Students begin with 40% of their time spent online following the curriculum of their school district or homeschooling program. The next block of time they are in “workshops” with teachers in a small group setting, which accounts for about 30% of their time. The remaining 30% is spent in one-to-one sessions with teachers focusing on reading and math skills. ILA supports and enhances the skills students acquire through the on-line curriculum. The goal of ILA’s blended learning model is to allow teachers to be free from designing and assessing lessons. They can instead turn their attention to targeting the learning needs of each student. Our school’s design places students in groups when there is a skill or strategy they need to master.

Our teachers specialize in data analysis and skill-gap intervention and students learn at their own pace in a very technology rich environment. For this reason, students work on some subjects longer than others if they need to and teachers work with different groups of students depending on which students need to learn the same skill at that point in their lessons.

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