What exactly is Innovation Learning Academy?

This is an excellent question! We are a boutique-style learning center that offers parents/guardians an alternative to traditional schooling. We pair K-12 students with trained teachers.

In 2021, we will transition to a full-service educational institution to provide a full-day boutique-style learning environment with limited accepted students. Our model focuses on students who would excel in homeschooling and one-to-one and small group learning environments. We offer a more holistic approach to education where we step outside of the textbook and make real-world connections with your student. We encourage questions, creativity, and curiosity – which is why we offer the blended-learning model of education that we do. This is also why we keep our total enrollment under 30 students.

Now that we are in a situation where a lot of schools have gone completely virtual due to COVID-19, we have increased our reach and want to offer a solution for parents who cannot stay home with their children due to work or other obligations. We keep a safe, sanitary, controlled environment and maintain small class sizes to minimize the potential of an outbreak. Parents can trust that when your students come to ILA, they will leave with a new love for learning.

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What grades does your program cover?

We focus on K-12. Read on to learn more about our learning models built with your student in mind.

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My child is homeschooled or already enrolled in public school, can they still enroll?

Absolutely! Innovation Learning Academy began as an alternative method of education for working parents who are unable to facilitate and/or manage their child’s learning at home. We work closely with public schools and online learning schools to offer our students advanced education created specifically for them. ILA will support and enhance your child socially and academically. Learn more below.

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When are dropoff/pick-up times?

Drop-Off: 7:45 AM
Pick-Up: 4:00 PM

We offer extended pick up options as needed from 4:30 – 6:30 for an additional $50/week. Please note, if parents have not specified the need for an extended pick up before the school day begins, there is a late fee charge of $35 each day.

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How are you addressing COVID-19?

We take the current state of the nation very seriously. We put together a specialized team to develop a School Emergency Operations Plan customized for Innovation Learning Academy. Within it, we have addressed virtually every possible limitation that COVID-19 could possibly create for our learning experience. Each parent will receive a copy of our SEOP to review and acknowledge their role in keeping our schools safe as we do the same. Please read on to get a brief overview of how we are working relentlessly to keep our Academy safe, sanitary, and controlled.

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What is Continuing Education?

Our CE division focuses solely on post-grade school individuals. Adults wishing to learn more about starting small businesses, get MS Excel® Certified, Bookkeeping and General or Advanced Business Accounting should contact our department and sign up for virtual or in-person courses that are catered to each individual’s current level of knowledge.

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How do I sign up for a virtual Q&A?

We’re glad you want to learn more! Navigate to the below link. Be sure to send us any specific questions you want answered ahead of time at info@ilearnga.com

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